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Casino Poker for Beginners: A Few Tipping Tips. ... Do you tip the chip runner or cashier? ... It’s rare that I play in a casino that uses chip runners, ... 3 Ways to Be a Good Cashier - wikiHow - How to do anything How to Be a Good Cashier. So you've got a job (maybe your first job) in retail, and you've been asked to work the cash register. You'll probably be given ... Do you ever tip at the cage? | Craps Forum When TF does it end???? The casino cashier??? For what doing their job. I'm with the USPS and I want you, as a tip to me, to lick 50 cents on your next letter. Are you supposed to tip cashiers? (U.S.)? | Yahoo Answers

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May 21, 2017 · Whether you’re at the poker table, playing at a slot machine, or on the table games, there are going to be cocktail waitresses coming around serving you free drinks. While these drinks are completely free (usually), you are expected to tip the waitresses. tipping cashiers and jackpot attendants - Las Vegas Forum Feb 26, 2007 · and when you have a big ticket to cash in and the redemption machines wont take it , as its to large the window cashier expects a tip. i they are being paid by the casino to do their job. they dont help me feed the machines money. but when you win every wants a hand in it. Are you supposed to tip cashiers? (U.S.)? | Yahoo Answers

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Everyone has an opinion about tipping when playing live poker in a casino. Here are a few thoughts to keep in mind. How much do you tip the dealer? Do you tip the chip runner or cashier? What ... Tipping the cashier ?? What do you think ? - Las Vegas ... Sometimes I do if I cashed in a ticket for an odd amount - like if it is $122 or $123 I may leave the $2 or $3. I always tip for hand pays at the machine, not a fortune - maybe $10-$20 depending on how much I win - which has not been for a very long time

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Tipping Guide for Slot Players - ThoughtCo Tipping is a personal choice and your decision to tip anyone should be based on the service you receive. One criterion you can use before tipping for a hand pay jackpot is the amount of time it took to get paid. If the service is prompt, you may be inclined to tip a little more. If, however, you are waiting a long period of time, you may tip less. The Responsibilities of a Casino Cashier - ThoughtCo The main job function of a casino cashier is to exchange casino chips for cash, as players bring their chips from the gaming tables like blackjack and craps.The cashier will greet the player, take their chips and break them down by denomination in a manner that the eye-in-the-sky can see, and pay the guest the proper amount.